uprooted and ready

Learn life changing skills

Wilderness survival skills are important for more than just being prepared for emergencies. They increase self-sufficiency in the outdoors, promote personal growth, and develop an appreciation for the natural world. Our courses foster leadership, teambuilding, and personal growth all while learning life-changing skills in a fun, friendly, and supportive environment.

About our Program

Uprooted and Ready LLC is a survival school just north of Charlottesville, Virginia. Situated on 80 acres, it’s in a prime location for an immersive experience with nature. Uprooted and Ready  strives to provide students, of all levels, skills they need to survive and thrive in the wilderness, at work, school and home.

Good to Go Corporate Workshop

This workshop is for organizations who choose to invest in their people. While learning life-saving survival skills, participants will also be versed in the principles of “Good to Go”.

I'm Ready! Course for Kids

This class will teach kids vital wilderness survival skills while working on character building and and learning valuable life lessons represented by the “I’m Ready” values.

Custom Classes

Uprooted and Ready LLC is happy to create a custom class or workshop to fit your needs. Overnight classes are also available. Custom classes are great for families, church groups, or a group of friends. Please reach out to Nigel to design a custom course.

Survival Skills Offered

Shelter Craft

Learn how to create shelters and protect yourself and your family from nature’s unforgiving wrath in an emergency situation. In this hands-on activity, you will build shelters using man-made material and shelters from only what nature provides.

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Fire Craft

Learn how to craft a fire to cook, purify water, or stave off hypothermia in an emergency situation. In this hands-on activity, you will build and start a fire from scratch using flint and steel.

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Compass and GPS Navigation

Learn how to navigate with a compass and GPS device. In this hands-on class, you will be able to properly operate a compass and GPS and will practice navigating to a predetermined location.

Signaling and Rescue

Learn how to signal for help and rescue so you make it home in an emergency situation. In this hands-on activity, you will learn how to communicate to ground, air, and sea personnel using man-made and improvised signals.

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Water and Food Procurement

Learn how to find, filter, and purify water so you don’t perish from dehydration in an emergency situation. Learn how to identify and test edible plants and how to track and trap small game. In this hands-on activity, you will search and procure water and food from unconventional sources.

First Aid Bag

Improvised First Aid and Wilderness Safety

Learn how to use field-expedient techniques to treat injuries common in a survival situation. In this hands-on class, you will learn how to provide self-care for a multitude of scenerios over extended periods of time.